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West Bengal Tenders a Business gateway to North East India

ImageWest Bengal has a natural advantage for the industry which led to its leading position in Industries, till the 60’s. It possesses a strategic location on the map of country . It is the gateway to North East India and port entry to land locked states of Central India and to the land locked countries of Nepal and Bhutan. It has been a major hub on the important trade route to the South East Asia and ASEAN countries. The state is keen to make the best use of this strategic advantage in its approach towards growth and revival of industry

The state is resource rich , and possesses a hinterland comprising of mineral rich states of Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa

The focus of this Investment and Industrial Policy is to rapidly build and improve Infrastructure , as an enabler for industrial growth, by additional 4000 kms of highway and bridges, ports, airports and water transport in Public Private Partnership (PPP). The state wants to partner with the private sector to tap its financial and technical prowess. Industry, in turn, could benefit from Bengal’s rich natural resource base, suitable agro-climatic conditions, strategic location and an exceptional human capital

Industry- A Reality Check for West Bengal

  • Suitable Geographic Location
  • Mineral Resources Rich
  • Well Connected
  • Surplus Power Availability
  • Sufficient Water Availability
  • Technical Manpower
  • Private Sector Partners
  • Existing Industries
  • Growth Potential
  • Against Bandh Culture
  • Initiatives for Business friendly environment

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