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Publicity of a Tender Notice

Widest possible publicity through well-circulated national and local newspapers is essential for greater transparency in open tenders. In addition to the existing rules and practices regarding publicity through newspapers, trade journals, the Commission vide their circular  no. 98/ORD/1 dt.18.12.2003 has instructed for up loading the Notice Inviting Tender and also tender  documents in a down loadable form on the web site. The web site publicity is to be given even in the case of limited tenders.

As per the CVC guideline no. 98/ORD/1 dt.18.12.2003 it is mandatory for all organization to published their tender notice on website along with tender documents. 

Tender Detail is premier Tender Information Portal in India. Many bidders and Government Contract use it’s services for their daily need related to tender Information. Apart from this there are many supplier & manufacturer who are visiting tender details for tender Information & Download Tender Documents.

For wider Publicity of Tender Notice, Tender Issuing Authority can also use this website. They can also publish their Tender Document on it. 

What is Tenders?

In the Government or in the Public sector both Central/State psus, Municipal Corporations etc. are called Tender Notices for their daily Purchase & Contracts. Based on goods & services to be procured through this tenders, Tenders are categorized by the following Tender Type 

Tender  Type:

  • Goods Tenders
  • Services Tenders
  • Work Contract Tenders


There are different type of procedure to be adopted for Purchase of goods, services & works. This mainly depend on goods & services type, their frequency of purchase, and other specifications. Different procurement roots adopted in government are as follows

Types of Tender by Tendering Process

  • Tenders

Based on accessibility of tenders like Who can Participate in Tenders, Tenders are further classified as

Open Tenders : Any Contractor can Participate in such kind of tenders. It is a kind of Post evaluation method where at the time of Bid Opening his capabilities are check to execute the given works.


Limited Tenders : In such kind of tenders only approved bidders can participate in this tenders. It is a Kind of close Tenders where competition among the pre Qualified bidders.

  • Request for Proposal – RFP
  • Request for Quotations – RFQ
  • Expression of Interest – EOI
  • Auctions
    • Forward Auctions
    • Reverse Auctions
  • Supplier / Contractor Empanelment or Vendor Enlistment
  • Tender for Rate Contract


All type of Tenders are available on Tender Details. Any types of Tenders published by any tender issuing authority from any where in India are available on Tender Details. Bidders can subscribe Tender Detail services for Government Tenders alerts. It also provides alerts for e Tender Notice

Guidelines and Procedure to be followed in introduction of eprocurement Solution

Department of Information Technology, Government of Delhi Issued a guideline for introduction of eProcurement Solution for their tendering procedure.

A complete guidelines & procedure available on following link

Click to access Annexure-II.pdf

As per the above guide following are the basic procedure & steps for the eProcurement system

  1. Notice inviting Tender (NIT) / Tender documents
  2. Publication of NIT:
  3. Registration of contractors
  4. Digital Certificate :
  5. Formation of Evaluation committee:
  6. Payment of cost of Tender documents
  7. Submission of Bids:
  8. Payment of Bid Security ( Earnest Money Deposit) :
  9. Technical bids / Price bids opening:
  10. Processing of Tenders:
  11. Payment of performance Guarantee:
  12. Participation of Bidders at the time of opening of bids:
  13. Financial Rules for e-procurement:
  14. Signing of agreement.


All e Tender Notice published by delhi government are available on Tender Details. Interested bidders can generate email alerts for Indian Tenders

CPWD procurement procedures and manuals

CPWD for its effective working has developed the following codes, manuals, schedules, technical specifications, design manuals and other necessary technical publications. The important ones are enclosed for reference:

All Interested Bidders, Tender Issuing Authority may study this Procurement Procedure & Manual form the following website.

CPWD Tenders

This Procurement Procedure & Manuals mainly contains CPWD works Manuals 2012,2007,2003. Manual Volume III, CPWD Maintenance Manual 2012, 2000. Schedule of Maintenance etc.

It also contains Schedules of Rates (Civil), Schedules of Rates (Electrical), Specifications (Civil), Specifications(Electrical), Design Manuals, and other publication like

  • Guidelines for Valuation of Immovable Properties 2009
  • Enlistment Rules 2005 modified upto 18.01.2013 on CPWD website
  • Circulars
  • Cost Index Book for all cities
  • General Conditions of Contract – 2005
  • Books of Volumes 1 to 6
  • Manual on Door and Window Details for Residential Building
  • User’s Guide on CPWDSEWA July 2011
  • Quality Assurance Manual for Construction of Concrete Structures (Bridges & Flyovers)
  • Integrated design for urban & rural buildings in hot-dry climatic zone
  • A Handbook of Planning of Office Building
  • A Revision of Plinth Area norms for GPRA
  • A Handbook of Landscape

You can get daily email alerts related to CPWD Tenders. All tender notices published by CPWD are available on Tender Details

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