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ImageThe planned and systematic industrial development in the State of Maharashtra has continuously placed Maharashtra in first position in India for the highest productivity, economics performance, business efficiency, government efficiency, infrastructures and overall competitiveness. As per the World Competitiveness Report 2006, Maharashtra ranked 37, ahead of South Korea, South Africa, Philippines, Greece, Brazil, Italy, Russia and Indonesia.

Up to date 229 industrial areas are developed by MIDC in Maharashtra on 53120 hectors. With the experience of 45 years, MIDC observed that certain industries are required to be provided some specialized facilities. For the growth of industries and specialized parks/industrial clusters are developed with specialized infrastructure facilities. In this way IT & BT Parks, Wine Parks, Textile Parks, Chemical Zones, Food Parks, Leather Park, Floriculture Park and Electronic Zone etc. are developed by the MIDC.

Considering the international standard facilities required attracting multinational companies, five-star industrial areas are developed by MIDC at nine locations in Maharashtra. Considering the export potential of the products delineated duty-free, which is to be deemed to be foreign territory for the purpose of trade operations and duties and traffics, special economic zones are being developed by MIDC to provide hassle free environment for exporters. Maharashtra got overwhelming 74 Special Economic Zone approvals from the government of India which is in first position compare to other states in India.

E Tender Notices published by Various Government Department of Maharashtra, Boards & Corporations are available on following two portals

All interested bidders needs to register with the above etendering portal to participate any tender notices published in above portal. Here also for Maharashtra Tenders bidders can set Tender alerts through Tender Detail also. It provides alerts for all Tender Notices published either on website or in news Paper. A single subscription of Tender Detail will provides daily alerts for Maharashtra Government Tenders for one year.

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